Talking Points NCSBE Power Grab

Talking Points


1) The consent decree extended the length of time absentee ballots can be brought in after the election from three days to nine days. ✅ Maintain the Nov 3rd deadline for absentee/mail-in ballots to reach the County Board of Elections.


2) The decree also ordered a complicated ballot “curing” process that requires Election officials to offer voters all sorts of ways of correcting absentee ballots that are received late and would otherwise be rejected. Like provisional ballots, this new provision will generate tens of thousands of ballots that will need to be approved on an individual basis, which will lead to lawsuits that will flip the outcome of elections. ✅ Maintain signature verification, printed name and last four digits of the social security number.


3) While they left in tact a law requiring people to fill out a log when they deliver absentee ballots, the decree requires boxes to be placed outside of early voting locations where people can drive by and drop balance into them. These boxes will make it easy for a harvester to drop off thousands of ballots during the night, when nobody is around. ✅Another level of crooked! Assure that DROP-OFF BOXES are an illegal means to drop off absentee/mail-in ballots.


4) Nearly 1 MILLION absentee ballots have thus far been requested in North Carolina alone. According to the Civitas Institute, in August, State Board of Elections, under Executive Director, Karen Brinson Bell, decided to accept absentee ballots transmitted illegally; and in the same memo, the elections board executive director eliminated signature matching for absentee ballots. Signature verification must be maintained.


5) Democrats have tried And failed to obtain those same provisions in both a federal lawsuit and a three judge panel hearing in state court. In his resignation letter, former Republican board of election member, Ken Raymond, said that Attorney General Stein had advised the board of the likelihood that they would lose these provisions in court and should therefore enter in negotiations. Stein failed to mention the two previous lawsuits. Assert legislative authority over our elections.The NC State Board of Elections does not make law or decree it's own set of rules for elections.