Tea Party Movement 10 Years Old

*Jessica Anderson, a former associate director for intergovernmental affairs at the Office of Management and Budget, is presently vice president of Heritage Action for America,  wrote an op ed in the April 15, 2019 edition of the Wall Street titled The Tea Party Succeeded, but Not at Policy



The following analysis of that article on the Tea Party Movement is from Royal A. Brown III, President, Winter Haven 912 Tea Party Group in Florida.  As you know, the Tea Party Movement turned Ten on April 15th.  Royal’s analysis is right-on and his prediction appears to mirror our own.  Wanted to share. (Underline and italics are mine.)  What do you think?   






*Jessica is 100% correct when she states "the tea party (movement) has built a vast, long-term activist infrastructure"  and "this system flourishes today."  This is a reality that establishment, country-club, elitist ruling class,RINO, nevertrumpist types continue to ignore.  As such, they, like leftists, are in a state of denial.  If we can't remove them from the system through the Primary system then the risk is the eventual formation of a 3rd major party (Libertarians are not major) along the lines of a Constitution Party or some such.  I didn't feel this way until the constant bashing of POTUS Trump despite his successes with far too few Republicans coming to his defense.


Why thoughts of a 3rd party - because we conservatives are fed up with the poor leadership of the Republican party which included Boehner & Ryan and continues to include McConnell.  The Jury is still out on the current Leadership in the House but it came from the Ryan camp so who knows.  We understand the Dems are now back in charge so not a whole lot they can get done.  We are satisfied only with the Freedom Caucus in the House.  


We are angry because we helped put a Republican majority in both the House and Senate along with a Republican President, yet Congress failed to produce the needed Immigration reform (including strengthening and following laws); elimination of Obamacare w a patient/doctor oriented health care system; and Tax Reform 2 which would have made Tax Reform 1 changes permanent.  


We blame many of our elected Republican Reps and Senators who made promises they did not keep. We know that McCain alone scuttled the Republican health care bill and elimination of most of Obamacare but deplore the fact that it took only the vote of a turncoat maverick to keep Obamacare alive.   We have heard McConnell was lied to by McCain but he should have anticipated that and taken the necessary action beforehand.  


Boehner and Ryan were responsible for handing massive debt increasing funding to Democrats to satisfy their every dream with the Omnibus Bills while Ryan obtained only the desired DOD budget.  Let it be known, however, that the DOD wastes a lot of money and should be thoroughly audited NOW !  


Ryan and 21 other Republicans in House were also responsible for the failure of the Goodlatte Bill which to most of us in WH 912 was acceptable in terms of the DACA issue and would have led to border security, the end of chain migration and visas by lottery.  Although, I have to say, that HA wasn't much help in that we never saw much support for Goodlatte from HA because of amnesty implications but these were only good for 3 years.  There were other promises not kept by Republicans as well like defunding Planned Parenthood but you get the point.  It is blatantly obvious to me and others that many Republicans in Congress care more about winning re-election than about what is best for our nation


The Tea Party Movement can't be blamed for any of these Republican failures - we were active in letting our Congresspersons know our conservative positions and many RINOs did not listen including many of the 40+House Republicans who decided to not run again in 2018.  Let's face the truth - the establishment Republicans did not expect Clinton to lose and were content to be out of power so they could sit back, do nothing but bitch, offer more shiny objects, and accomplish nothing except to further increase their personal wealth and power. 


We are still fighting to try to gain the additional votes needed to pass the Born Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Act including doing our best to shame our uber left Representative Darren Soto to change his mind and vote for it.  It appears, however, that he has no shame.  My wife Glynnda White was among those "Fly-In" Sentinels in D.C. last week and she gave Soto over 200 signed cards (see 3rd attachment).  We will continue to try to change his mind before the end of this Congressional term.


Now as for tea party champions in public office, a Big Hu Ah (Army lingo for anything good) to Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan and the Freedom Caucus.  We know that Sen. Mike Lee has close to a 100% conservative voting record but were shocked & disappointed when he voted against the President's Declaration of Emergency based on the southern border crisis.  POTUS has every authority within the Constitution to declare this true emergency and to reprogram DOD construction funds to the Corps of Engineers to continue building the needed 200+ miles of wall/barriers despite the piddly 1.3B approved by Congress.  


Although not as surprising, we are totally disgusted that one or our own FL Senators, Marco Rubio who we worked hard for his election in 2010 and again his re-election in 2016, also voted against the POTUS. This, along with his neocon globalist tendencies and his sponsoring a new national Red Flag gun control law have made him persona non grata among every FL conservative I knowWe will work hard to encourage a true conservative Republican such as Todd Wilcox to run against him and defeat him in the 2022 Primary.   Eleven of us WH 912ers met with members of his Orlando staff on April 9th and have talked with his D.C. Legislative Asst. JR Sanchez about our displeasure with Senator Rubio - see a report on this visit at the  4h attachment. 


Jessica is correct that the Tea Party movement helped win victories in the 2018 midterms.  Thank God we elected Ron DeSantis our Governor in a slim victory over Soros/Steyer supported Communist Andrew Gillum.  He won with the help of the WH 912 tea party movement group.  We ran the Republican HQ in centrally located Winter Haven; held a rally for him (put together at the last minute when he heard he was coming to our town)  that filled our meeting spaces in local Inman Park Baptist Church w 204 people.  We held numerous flag waves and walks, emplaced hundreds of campaign signs at key intersections and knocked on many doors for him.  As a result, he won in Polk County by over 20,000 votes which is close to DeSantis's total slim margin of victory.   


I couldn't agree more with Jessica's concluding paragraphs:


"In a sense, the tea party has never been stronger—and it’s not going away. Grass-roots conservative organizations like ours are witnessing new excitement and interest to fight Democrats’ growing embrace of socialism. Few issues unify—and anger—the movement more."


"The tea party’s name may have faded from headlines, but its ideas haven’t. Republicans and Democrats must contend with the movement and the conservative vision it reinvigorated. Whether they know it or not, they’re still listening to the tea party."


Take a look at attachment 4 which is a recent Editorial published in three of our local newspapers - The Lakeland Ledger, Newschief and Winter Haven Sun.   This subject of ridiculous continued and unnecessary investigations of President Trump by the House Democrats is as equally infuriating as the entire socialist movement.  Both are helping Democrats to ensure their defeat in 2020.  The left (including all Democrats) and the establishment, ruling class, elitist RINOs ignore the Tea Party movement at their own peril.


Very Respectfully,

Royal A. Brown III

OPresident, WH912