Trump – A Morally Good Choice????

Theologian and Professor Wayne Grudem in his article "Why Voting For Donald Trump is A Morally Good Choice,"  presents  - at best  - a quite delusional argument for voting for Donald Trump. 


Trump (this past April) said that transgenders can go to whatever bathroom they like.  He's donated to planned parenthood and praised them as a good organization saying in May, 2016,  "its terrific and we should keep taxpayer funding." 

 He wants to take care of every body's health care. Universal Health Care!!  

He wants to tax small business internet sales (destroying what built this country), and he can't understand why we can't use nukes in Europe or even Chicago, and this just goes on and on. 

I understand the longing and the desperate hope and the wish of wanting things to change.  But thinking that Tangerini Mussolini is the answer is as delusional as voting for Obama's 'Hope and Change' and we all know how that's worked out.  The professor is gasping for air on this one!  

Conservative Supreme Court Justices ... not if the Rs lose the Senate which may just happen. (And, this Senate with a vote of 96-0 confirmed two of the three Democrat 4th Circuit judges that ruled on HB2 and our NC Voter ID Law! Why would I think they would vote for a conservative?)  The 'hope' that he  would nominate and then lead to confirm a conservative would be the only reason to vote for this fraud. His behavior and past performance give me great pause. Remember, he wanted his sister to fill the seat admitting that he has no idea what she believes in. 
I've had conversations with his advisers  - and they are great ones - and ask but one question:  "Is he listening to you?"  They shrug their shoulders and say 'We're  trying.'   His campaign is tanking. Guess he's not listening!   (Is this the part the #NeverTrump ers say, 'We told you so!') This is a disaster.  Don't know if Trump can turn it around.  Americans are waking up too late.  Hillary will finish us off.  
Exasperated.  Disgusted.  We need to get our NC Supreme Court Justice Edmunds and the other Republican judges elected in November or we're really screwed here in NC. They are our last line of defense.
Suggest to keep your gun loaded and your powder dry!    Free speech is on the chopping block along with the rest of our inalienable rights. Just never thought I'd live to see this.  My heart aches for our nation and the sacrifices and the lives lost by so many to make our nation great.  We fight on to honor them.  Jane Bilello, Chair Asheville Tea Party/PAC
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