Trump Voters Can Take This Action

Trump voters can take this action to #StopTheSteal


Mike Bornia

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By Mark J. Fitzgibbons

Constitutional lawyers Bill Olson and Pat McSweeney prepared a superb white paper explaining "The Constitutional Duty of State Legislatures in a Contested Presidential Election."  They write:

The question for each ... state legislator should be whether the vote counting system that is in place has generated an accurate reelection of the lawful voters of [the state], or whether the system either is flawed, or was hijacked, to reach a pre-determined result.  If it is believed that there was systemic election fraud in [the state], then allowing the State Certification process to go forward unchecked would make the legislature complicit in the perpetration of a fraud upon the United States and its people.

Trump voters can help ensure that the legislatures fulfill this constitutional duty to reflect the true will of the legal voters in their states.

With input from constitutionalists, and reflecting many of the constitutional principles described by Bill Olson and Pat McSweeney, I have prepared this Petition to Remedy Voter Disenfranchisement Caused by Electoral Corruption in 2020.

But for this constitutional remedy to stand a chance of succeeding, the petition will need close to 1,000,000 signers nationwide.

So please not only click and sign the petition, but post it on social media, forward it to family and friends, and become your own activist to save the Trump win in the 2020 election by doing all these things not once, but daily.