Voter ID Amendment

Legislative Update

Voter ID Amendment Invlidated by Activist Judge:  Legislature is Fighting Back-- 

Your vote to add a Voter ID amendment to the state constitution was invalidated on Friday by one Democratic judge in Wake County.

That's right: One Democratic judge overruled two million voters -- a majority -- to toss out Voter ID in North Carolina. He absurdly argued that a voter ID constitutional amendment is unconstitutional.

Rest assured, our lawyers will appeal this ridiculous ruling, but it's yet another example of activist judges taking away your political power to suit their own liberal agenda.

And the implications of the judge’s decision go even beyond the voter ID amendment. By accepting the ridiculous premise that the Republican General Assembly is an illegally constituted body, he calls a year and a half of legislation into question.

From the state budget, to storm relief, and from education funding to victims’ rights, every law passed by the General Assembly between June 2017 and December 2018 is subject to attack based on the ludicrous theory advanced in the judge’s decision

An unrestrained judiciary advancing political theories and political agendas that nobody elected a judge to bring about is a fundamental threat to the ideas our state and this country were founded upon.

The judiciary, which should be the least political branch of government, is being increasingly utilized to frustrate the will of the people of our great state.

Senator Phil Berger