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1/25/2016:  Texas Rigged?  Reports of Voting Machines Switching Votes to Hillary (oversampling of Dems in polls)

10/26/2016: Texas Voters Say Presidential Picks Were Switched to Hillary.  Election Officials Cite Voter Error:

Voter Fraud: Illegal Voters Uncovered in Philly.  Tip of the Iceberg

Planning Vote Fraud To Elect Hillary

Annie Oakley:

Heads up folks. It’s not enough to vote anymore, get involved, join and support True the Vote to ensure voter integrity.

“Former Colorado secretary of state Scott Gessler identified nearly 5,000 non-citizens in Colorado who voted in the 2010 general election. Gessler’s office uncovered upwards of 12,000 non-citizens registered to vote. Liberal groups who oppose stronger election-system protections attacked him for trying to verify citizenship status – because God forbid public officials sworn to…

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Be Vigilant for Voter Fraud in November
It’s happened before, it can happen again, and it has real consequences.

10/23/2016 Video:  Lou Dobbs Show:  Voter Fraud:  18 Millions Invalid Registrations and Two Million Are Dead

10/1/2016:  PA Voting Machines Are Running Windows XP

10/21/2016: Raping the ‘Retard’ Vote

10/21/2016:  Massive Voter Fraud in Upcoming Maryland Elections here. 


Visit often the Voter Integrity Project site at  CEO:  Jay Delancy.  VIP has been our guide and mentor through successful our voter registration challenges and the new NC Voter ID Law.  Other counties have been equally successful and the NCBOE has begun to see the relevance of election integrity.

There is still much to do in 2015 to continue to strengthen the Voter ID law.  We will be going to Raleigh andwe will  continue to work with VIP to draft and support legislation.

Please support VIP so they can continue their stellar work.


7/29/2015:  NYT:  Voting Rights Act Dream Undone


Immediate Release. For more info, please contact Jay DeLancy (919) 332-4129

(Carthage, NC) June 8, 2015- Responding to a record 524 voter registrations
challenged by Pinehurst residents Carol Wheeldon and Dee Park, the Board of
Elections will hold a probable cause hearing on 185 cases, here, Tuesday at
9 A.M.

“Rather than handing in five hundred at once, we’ve been filing around a
hundred challenges each month since January,” said Wheeldon, the Co-Director
of Very Involved Patriots of the Voter Integrity Project (VIP/VIP). “We
didn’t want to overwhelm Director Glenda Clendenin’s hard working staff.”

As part of the group’s ongoing research, they contacted more than 1,400
households with an unusually high number of voter registrations in order to
learn which voters were no longer there.

“We want to thank the residents of Moore County who helped in this project,”
she said, “by responding to our letters and notifying us when former
occupants either moved or passed away.” . . . .

Please click this url: (or see attached media
advisory) for more details.

Jay N. DeLancy, LtCol, USAF (Ret)
Director, Voter Integrity Project of NC
(Office) 919.429.9039
(Cell) 919.332.4129
Twitter: @VoteChecker

Jay DeLancy is Executive Director of VIP-NC, a trans-partisan, volunteer
organization with a mission to restore trust in the democratic process
through vote fraud detection, analysis and prevention. The group mines and
analyzes public data for irregularities in the voting records that suggest
vote fraud or administrative vulnerabilities. …


5/14/2015Help VIP  find Non-CitizenVoters:

Overview of VIP-NC Legislative Agenda

REAL voter ID, controlled by DMV and not by the Boards of Election

Same-day (or “one-stop”) registration to too fraud-friendly and should be terminated

Require Provisional Ballots to be retrievable

Reform college student practices to include emancipating any who register to vote at college (taking them off their parents’ state taxes)

Require voters to register from physical address (not PO boxes or vacant lots)

Explicitly require sworn affirmation of citizenship in order for registration to be counted.

Require proactive voter roll list maintenance by inter-state, intra-state and intra-county data sharing.

Prohibit payments for anybody registering others (or themselves) to vote.

Increase the transparency of the public voting record

Give election observers more specified rights

Terminate Early Voting

Tighten loopholes to prevent the abuse of court-ordered “Mentally Incompetent” voters.

Tighten loopholes to prevent abuse by voter “assistants” not on BOE payroll.

Aggressive review of touch screen voting machines

Allow civil enforcement and private right of action on certain sections of NC election laws.

Increase penalties for election fraud

Protect the voting rights of military voters

The following UNCC residency requirements should be part of any new voter legislation. Click here to read: “Residency Requirements of UNC Charlotte”.