We Must Not Allow Asheville To Turn Us Into Europe/Wreaking Havoc i Europr

WE MUST NOT ALLOW ASHEVILLE TO TURN US INTO EUROPE by Maureen DiRienzo  (Wreaking Havoc in Europe)

BlueRidge.com 8/19/2016 Unless you subscribe on line or have the physical paper, you will not be able to view this from the paper (except below). . They do themselves a disservice.  (Link if you can view  http://www.blueridgenow.com/article/20160819/OPINION/160819875/1017/opinion03?Title=Friday-s-letters-Taking-care-of-our-own.  However, you can view a PDF of the page here https://ashevilleteaparty.org/?page_id=14143.  Also LTEs by Bill Burnett and Harvey Sankey appear on the page.  Special thanks.

I read in horror the numerous attacks on Germans by Muslim immigrants and refugees, and more recently the vicious slaughter of a priest while saying Mass in France.  These events are just a continuation of earlier massacres of Europeans by Muslim terrorists, and it is reasonable to expect they will continue.  It has become undeniable that the influx of refugees from terrorist countries into Europe has wreaked havoc on the population.   In addition to bombings and attacks with knives, women in Europe are harassed and raped by refugees.  

Given these realities, it is inconceivable that any city, including Asheville, would consider accepting these refugees into our midst.  Christian associations have agreed to play a role in their resettlement, based on “humanitarian” reasons, but what about the needs of homeless, hungry Americans, including our own veterans?  I urge the leaders and religious organizations of Asheville to abandon their reckless plan to invite refugees into our city.  (155 words)