We Thank Congressman Mark Meadows

Congressman Mark Meadows, Chair of the Freedom Caucus, continues to champion the voice of the people on every front.  On August 17th, 2018, Heritage Action for America Sentinels will meet with him at his Hendersonville office to say Thank YOU! Stay tuned for pictures and agenda discussed!   



We owe Congressman Mark Meadows NC11 a debt of gratitude for refusing to become part of the swamp.  This is a review of what he has been doing to push back on members of his own party.  Submitted by Henry Mitchell

Congressman Meadows has been driving several messages  for our elected leaders in the House and Senate to keep our promises to the American people and advance President Trump’s agenda.


Keep working in August until we have results. #NoResultsNoRecess Finish the following in July:


Finish work on repealing and replacing Obamacare to lower premiums for all Americans.


Vote to increase the Debt Ceiling while making structural changes to the way the government spends to forever protect the good faith and credit of the US and avoid manufactured crises.


Finalize the framework for Tax Reform so the text can be written and the bill scored in August then voted on in September.  Tax reform should include several general principles (these are not final):

           Cut the Corporate tax rate to 16%.

           Set a rate for pass through small businesses that promotes job creation.

           Double the standard deduction and reduce the number of individual rates.

           Make permanent accelerated depreciation.

           Simplify the code by eliminating items such as the Alternative Minimum Tax.

           Other items TBD  


Having the agreement on taxes will allow the budget for FY18 to be finalized. This may include extending the budget window beyond the typical 10 years.



Watch the House Freedom Caucus press conference here: Fox News: Meadows: Democrats shouldn't count health care reform out



Below are additional points on Obamacare: They cover the broad issue, our position on the Cruz amendment you may have heard about (amendment that Meadows is pushing for), and points on the CBO score which has been referenced quite a bit recently.


Talkers on Senate Obamacare “Repeal”


Topline: Leaving President Obama’s health law in place is simply not an option for American families.


- Many of us in Congress understand that there are some who like their Obamacare plans—but even to those people, we can’t honestly look them in the face and assure them that their plan will be viable in 2-3 years, or even next year.


- Look at what’s happening to the market, the system is not sustainable. For us to leave Obamacare in place as is would be just as much a disservice to those who like their plan right now as it would be to the countless Americans currently suffering under Obamacare.


Talkers for Cruz Consumer Choice amendment


Topline: The Senate Health care bill doesn’t do enough to effectively undo the cost-driving aspects of Obamacare and must have amendments added to get enough conservative support


-We know that full repeal of Obamacare just doesn’t have the votes at this time, so our priority is to pass a bill that brings down costs & provides greater consumer choice


-Sen. Ted Cruz’s consumer choice amendment is a common sense approach to achieving that


-The Cruz amendment would allow HHS to grant waivers to states that allows insurance companies to offer an unlimited number of non-ACA compliant health plans if they also offer at least one “qualified health plan” (QHP) in both silver and gold coverage levels


-This will allows consumers to choose plans that best meet their needs: i.e. a young person could simply purchase a catastrophic plan, or if someone who doesn’t plan to get pregnant or have a spouse who will can choose a plan without maternity coverage


-Essentially, insurance companies could sell any kind of plans consumers want


-This reestablishes an actual health care marketplace that creates competition and drives down costs for consumers


- History shows that when you introduce forces of consumer choice to the market—or as Senator Paul says, “connect the consumer to the product,”—prices ultimately go down.


- People insured under the non-qualified plans would remain eligible for any proposed tax credit within the framework of the BCRA


-“Freedom Plans” could be paid for through HSAs


-Under the amendment, Obamacare’s insurance regs are maintained, including preexisting conditions coverage. Consumers would have the option to buy plans subject to these regulations on Obamacare’s exchanges – rather than be required to.


-Whether you love or hate the AHCA, BCRA, or the ACA, the reality is that the status quo is unsustainable. The Obamacare marketplaces are collapsing and the status quo is unsustainable.


CBO Score Talkers


  • Premiums would be 20% lower by 2026--that is our vocal point. The CBO is trying to project consumer habits, which is difficult to do--our goal is to lower premiums on the market so that everyone has the freedom of access. (Exact figures: 20% higher in 2018, 10% higher in 2019, 30% lower in 2020, and 20% lower in 2026)


  • Obviously lots of chatter about “22 million people losing insurance.” The actual correct way of phrasing this: CBO says that by 2026, an estimated 49 million people would be uninsured compared with 28 million who would lack insurance that year under the ACA. Just for reference--we’re not talking about a universal coverage utopia under the ACA that’s being ruined by the BCRA. There will be almost 30 million uninsured under Obamacare as is. That system is unequivocally broken. The difference between this plan and current law:

    a)            People won’t be forced to pay a fine without insurance
    b)            A large portion of this 22 million CBO number is a reflection of people opting out of buying insurance due to no individual mandate (the AHCA CBO verbatim admitted this)


  • (Bottom of page 9) The CBO does admit that their baseline probably 1) over-estimates ACA enrollment between now and 2026, and 2) underestimates ACA subsidy costs. This is critical. In fact, enrollment rate could decline even more drastically than it has due to insurers leaving the market.  


  • You can put the “22 million” number in a lot of context by combining those two things. 1) The CBO admits it probably overestimates ACA in enrollment and underestimates ACA costs, and 2) it attributes much of decline in insured to lack of mandate


  • There’s been a note or two about the new bill affecting middle-income ($56,000) people in their 50’s and early 60’s (premiums going up from $6,000 to around $20,000 a year for silver plans, for example). We support Senator Thune’s proposal about extending the tax credit program to the older non-Medicare population
  • Obamacare note: just recently 5 states released their proposed Obamacare premium increases:
  1. Maryland (BCBS): 52%
  2. New York (BCBS): 49%
  3. Virginia (Cigna): 45%
  4. Connecticut (Anthem): 34%
  5. Delaware (BCBS): 34%

The Voters In NC11 and Across This Nation

Owe Congressman Mark Meadows a Debt of Gratitude

March 24, 2017



The voters in NC11 and across this nation owe Congressman Mark Meadows a debt of gratitude for his unwavering stand on the full repeal of Obamacare, even in the face of threats from the President and GOP establishment arm twisting for the disastrous Ryan Care.  Congressman Mark Meadows is a man of unusual courage and integrity who will not compromise his core principles.  He is a man of his word at a time when politicians’ campaign promises mean nothing. 

Congressman Mark Meadows kept his campaign promise and intends to deliver.   

Congressman Meadows refuses to play politics with free market solutions to restore our health care system and to bring relief to suffering Americans. Congressman Meadows knows that Ryan Care neither brings down costs nor eliminates mandates.  With Ryan Care, ‘subsidies’ are renamed ‘refundable tax credits’ that amount to a 100 billion dollar bail out for insurance companies. There is still a massive penalty for not buying health insurance. 

NC11 and this nation are truly blessed to have such a courageous leader and principled man of his word.  It's time for us to publicly stand with Congressman Meadows and to say THANK YOU.  


  • Act For America, Angela Kimbril, NC11, Area Chapter Leader, Buncombe/Henderson Counties, Grassroots National Security Activist
  • AmericansFor Limited Government, Rick Manning President
  • Asheville Tea Party/PAC, Jane Bilello Chair, Heritage Wall of Honor Sentinel, FreedomWorks Activist
  • Raynor James, Chairman, Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association's Political Action Committee, Craven County Republican Member-at-Large for Human Resources, Member-at-Large to Republican Congressional District 3, and Member-at-Large to North Carolina Republican Party 
  • Judy Abrell, NC11. Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • David Allen, NC11 Caldwell County Republican Party
  • Edith Allison, NC11
  • Lisa Baldwin, NC10 (wish I were NC11) Buncombe County GOP 2nd Vice Chair
  • Dee Ballenger, NC11, Henderson County
  • Elizabeth Balogh, NC11
  • David Barber, NC6
  • Lynda Bennett, NC11. Thank you.  Stand strong! 
  • Judy Bevan, NC11, Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Tina Bogani, Jefferson, CO-05
  • Steve Bogdan, NC11 Caldwell County Republican Party
  • Mary Ann Braine, NC10, Asheville Tea Party Board, Heritage Sentinel
  • Tom Braine, NC10
  • Jim Branley, Elon, NC6, Alamance Conservatives
  • Ed Brown, NC11 Caldwell County Republican Party
  • Fremont Brown III, NC11
  • Royal A. Brown III, V.P. & Political Education Chair, Winterhaven 9.12 Project
  • Sandy Brown, NC11. PA Leader Concerned Women for America, Henderson County
  • Susan H. Brown, NC11. Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Susane Brown, NC11. Asheville Tea Party member. FreedomWorks Activist. Traveled to D.C. for FreedomWorks Rally 3/15/17 to support you and #FullRepeal. Dear Rep Mark Meadows, Thank you for standing firm. Phase 2 and 3 should be included now.........or it will never happen. NO!! ON RYANCARE.
  • Martha Bowman, NC11. Thank you Mark for working for us
  • Nona Buchanan, NC 11, Haywood. Retired Lte USAFNC.  Thank you for what you do.  Repeal Obamacare!
  • Barbara Buck, NC11
  • Cave Bushette, NC11
  • Sue Butcher, NC2. Chair-Liberty First of Wake County, FreedomWorks Super Activist
  • Etta Cannon, NC11. Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Pat Carr, NC11, Haywood County


  • Ted Carr, NC11, Haywood County, Precinct Chairman. Thank you Mark for standing firm.   
  • Steve Carter, NC6, org

(Your Local TEA Party Organization)

  • Emmett and Toni Casciato, District 11
    WNC Military History Museum
  • Cindy G. Cheaves, Patriots of Liberty Auburn/Opelika, Alabama. District 3
  • Miriam Chu, Moore County,NC
  • Melody Himel Clarke,(202) 716-9738

Heritage Action for America, Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator

  • Norma M. Cline, Iredell County Republican Women’s Club
  • Robert Coffey, NC11, Henderson County
  • Sharon Coffey, NC11, Henderson County
  • Barbara Coladarci, NC11, Henderson County
  • Margaret Cullen, NC11. Thank You Mark.
  • George Danz, NC11, Henderson County
  • Pam Danz, NC11, Parliamentarian, Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Carolyn Davis, NC11. Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Peter Davis, NC11, Henderson County Men’s Club
  • John Dekker, NC11
  • Virginia Dekker, NC11
  • Robert Heltman, NC11
  • Melody Heltman, NC11
  • Doris Doce, NC11. Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Jim Duncan, NC-6
  • Deon Dunn, NC10
  • Jude Eden, NC7, Wall of Honor Sentinel
  • Hazel Edmunds, NC11
  • Ian Edmunds, NC11
  • Donna Ellingsen,Elk Township Committeewoman, Chester County, PA. Sentinel Wall of Honor. We indeed owe Representative Meadows a deep gratitude for standing with courage and principles in a swamp where they are sorely lacking.
  • Jeff Foster, NC11, Caldwell County
  • Jim Foster, NC11
  • Lorena Foster, NC11, GOP
  • Hope Foulds, 2014 Wall of Honor Sentinel, District 2, Knoxville, TN
  • Michael Frank, NC7, Wilmington. Freedom Works activist
  • Mary Franks, NC11, Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Kathryn Fields, NC11
  • Connie Fuller, NC11
  • Debbie Georgatos
  • Al Goodis, NC11
  • Eve Gregg, NC11. Brevard, Transylvania County
  • Tina Jones GriffithsCO 05
  • Merry Guy NC11, Chair Henderson County GOP. Stay Strong! We are with you!
  • Francie Harrill, NC11, Henderson County
  • Bruce Hatfield, NC11 President, Henderson County Men’s Club
  • Dianne C. Hatfield, NC 11. Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Morgan Haynes, NC11 Hendersonville County
  • Doris Hawkins, NC11, President, Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Grady Hawkins, NC11 Henderson County Commissioner
  • Harvey K (Ken) and Robin E Hawkins, NC10
  • Melody and Robert Heltman, NC11
  • Arlene Emmit Hendrix, NC11
  • David Hilgendorf, NC06
    Part of Alamance Tea Party and District Captain for Convention of States
  • Katherine Hudgins TN04, 912 Project Tennessee, Former VP, Sentinel Builder-Tennessee, Sentinel Heritage Action for America
  • Harry Hudson, NC 4, Vice Chair GOP. Mark, you are the man!
  • Rhonda Hudson, NC11
  • Debra Jackson, NC11
  • Larry Jackson, NC11
  • Agnes Jackson, Wisconsin
  • Ginny Jahrmarkt, NC11, Chair: Tea Party Patriots of Jackson County
  • Jason James, NC11
  • Heather Jameson from District 6, Member of Alamance Conservative and on Leadership Team, Caswell County GOP. Member.
    Heritage Action Sentinel and Freedom Works activist
  • Hal Jolly, NC13, GOP
  • Ed Joran, NC11, Henderson County GOP, Assistant Precinct Chair, Retired
  • Susan Kavanaugh, NC11. Thank you! 
  • Sammy Kicklighter, NC11, GOP Chair Transylvania
  • Wendy Kicklighter, GOP Delegate, Transylvania
  • Don Kirchoff, Wall of Honor Sentinel,Texas District 23, Chairman, Federal Legislation Action Committee, San Antonio TEA Party
  • Ray Langley, Carteret County, NC. Thank Mark for his courageous stand!
  • Ashley Lapp, NC11
  • Henry Lessing, NC11
  • Reverend Gary Letchworth, NC 11
  • David Laity, NC11, GOP
  • Shirley, Liess, NC11, Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • John Wes Lyda, District 11, Retired 20 year Air Force Veteran
  • Mary Ann McCarthy, NC7
  • Mike McCarthy, NC11, Author: The Noah Option
  • Rick McCreary, NC11, GOP
  • Laura McCue, NC10, Buncombe County GOP
  • Charles McDonald, NC11, Sheriff Henderson County
  • Jennie McDonald, NC11. Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • John Miles, NC11
  • Nancy Miles, NC11
  • Kay Stegall Miller,11th Congressional District, Haywood County GOP

     Waynesville Business Owner: The Classic Wineseller, Inc and Church Street   Depot

  • Alan V. Mizeras, District 11, Private Citizen/Independent Voter
  • Carl Mumpower, Ph.D, Buncombe County GOP Chair
  • Doug Newell, NC11
  • Lorette H. Palfrey, District 11, Treasurer Asheville Tea PAC and Board of Directors. Thank you so much for being honest and reliable with your statements and actions. I am so proud you are my Representative
  • Janice Parker, NC11, Henderson County GOP Precinct Chair. Mark, thanks or standing strong.  Remember the Constitution and limited government! 
  • Elsie Pilarski, NC11
  • Richard Pilarski, NC11
  • Chris & Mary Poulos, NC10. We love Mark.
  • Bill Price, NC3
  • Ginny Quaglia, Heritage Action Sentinel Team Builder, NC7, NC
  • Jason Raines, NC11, Caldwell County
  • Lynette Ramsey, NC11, Caldwell County Republican Club
  • Skylar Ramsey, Caldwell County. 10 years old.  I made the poster that looks like a birthday cake that says, “Caldwell County Thanks Mark Meadows”
  • Linda Rebuck, NC 11
  • Paul Rebuck, NC11
  • Glenn Richardson, NC11 Thank You!
  • Peggy Richardson, NC1. Thank You!
  • Betty Roberts, NC10 Heritage Sentinel, FreedomWorks Activist, member Asheville Tea Party
  • Danny Roberts, NC10, Heritage Sentinel FreedomWorks Activist, Asheville Tea Party Board
  • MaryAnn Roth, NC11. Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Harvey Sankey, NC11m Asheville Tea Party, Board of Directors. Thanks for all you do for us!
  • Mike Scruggs, NC11
  • Dick Shaughnessy, District 11, President, North Carolina Sons of Liberty Riders, Heritage Action Sentinel
  • David Shipp, NC11, Henderson County
  • Ed Smith, Nashville, TN
  • Irene Solbakken, NC11. Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Derek Simmons, NC 11
  • Larry and Ruth Spears, NC11
  • Katie Spee, GA06, Heritage Wall of Honor Sentinel, citizen voter
  • Danette Starr Lowery. NC 11
  • Kern Stafford, NC 10. Thanks!
  • Leslie Stephens, District 10 (sadly) Thank You, Mark!
  • Mary Stephens, NC11
  • Lois Stodghill, NC11. Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Mike Stout, NC11, Caldwell County Republican Party
  • Edward Suarez, NC11
  • Barbara Sullivan,
  • Justin Tart, NC03, Walter Jones, Constitutional Conservative
  • Bette Lee Taylor, NC11
  • Jean Teck, NC11. Chaplain Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • JoAnn Thomas, NC11. Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Norman Thompson, Tarboro, NC
  • Ron & Julia Thompson, District 11, Legal Citizens of the United States Of America
  • Brenda Thorne, NC11
  • Tina Turner, IN9
  • Suzanne Tzareff, NC11
  • Elizabeth and Daniel Walker, 11th District
  • June Vice, NC 11, Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Ursula Von Pazkowski, NC11
  • Marilyn R. Walk, NC11, GOP
  • Brianna Walker, NC 11, GOP
  • Jerri Walker, NC11, GOP
  • Sandi Walker, NC11, Burke GOP Treasurer
  • Lane Watkins, FL   Wall of Honor Sentinel.  Conservative Grassroots Organizer
  • Bill Whitehead, NC10
  • Diane Woodard, NC11. Henderson County Republican Women’s Club
  • Candler Willis, NC11, Henderson County GOP
  • Carl Wilson, NC11 Caldwell County Republican Party
  • Alma R. Youngblood, Haywood GOP
  • Bobbi Youngblood, Iredell County GOP, Statesville

Show of support across NC 11 And The Nation

May 17, 2017: FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon Coming From D.C. to Hendersonville, NC for Rally To Support Congressman Mark Meadows

April 29, 2017:  Asheville Tea PAC and Moore Tea Citizens support Congressman Mark Meadows at Henderson County GOP Lincoln-Reagan Dinner

April 21, 2017:  FreedomWorks Rally to Support Congressman Mark Meadows in Lenoir, Caldwell County  (Rally picts)

April 18, 2017:  Tweet Fest Tuesday:   Targeting #TuesdayGroup for Obstruction of #FullRepeal 

March 27, 2017:  FreedomWorks Rally To Support Congressman Mark Meadows in Waynesville, Haywood County (Rally picts

March 15, 2017:  FreedomWorks Day of Action in D.C. To Support Congressman Mark Meadows, the Freedom Caucus, and Senate Conservatives.  Be On The Day of Action D.C. Bus to Lobby Our Reps for #FullRepeal of Obamacare

March 15, 2017:  If You Can't Be On the FreedomWorks Bus To D.C. Tweet With Us and Call Congress

March 1, 2017:  Tweet Fest Thursday for #FullRepeal of Obamacare.  #Repeat2015Repeal

February 27, 2017:  FreedomWorks Rally To Support Congressman Mark Meadows in Hendersonville, Henderson County (Rally picts)

February 9, 2017:  Obamacare Repeal Tweets  More at #StandWithHFC  #FullRepeal #UnitedWithFreedomCaucus