Mail-In Vote: WE THE PEOPLE Thwart NC SBOE … for Now. But, The Battle Isn’t Over!

Jay Delancy, Integrity Project: Is NC one step closer to stolen elections?

Thanks to all of you who wrote to the NC SBOE by Monday, April 20th. Our side that voice strenuous opposition took up the first two hours of the public hearing! Cudos! Thanks to all of you, We’ve done it again!

But the battle isn’t over.

Why the continued concern??

” Despite the widespread objections voiced at yesterday’s hearings, the NCSBE can vote to do anything they want on this matter. Our reading of the statutes governing this administrative process (NCGS §150B) streamlines the process for “temporary” rule changes to the benefit of the agency proposing the rule change.

Under the permanent rule-change laws (§ 150B-21.3.(b.2), the Rules Review Commission is required to table a measure, “subject to legislative disapproval,” if ten or more persons express their clear objection to the rule. No such safety valve exists for temporary rules.

Since these rules are only temporary, don’t worry. Go back to sheep, er sleep! These changes will all go away in a mere 270 days.

Do the math… we’ll wait. No! Wait! How long??!!

Have you talked with your lawmakers lately? ”

WE now need to make sure that the legislature gets involved.

NC State Board of Elections Director, Brisson Bell made recent recommendations, that clearly what she would do if she had the power. Thankfuly, our legislature has a Republican majority whose base is deeply concerned about the voter fraud her measures would invite. We need the Legislature to prevent her from ordering those horrible ideas during any real or imagined “emergency.”


Please call your NC House Representatives and NC Senators, both Reublicans and Democrats.

Deliver this message

Make the temporary rule change laws identical to the permanent rule-change laws (§ 150B-21.3.(b.2) so the Rules Review Commission is required to table a measure “subject to legislative disapproval” if ten or more persons express their clear objection to the rule.

Let’s make this calling effort as successful as our messages to the NC SBOE that caused them to shut it down (at least for now). They cannot be trusted. Only WE can hold them accountable!

Since most of us are home, this is a great time to get on our lawmakers to make this crucial change. Thanks.