Where Can Conservatives Go For Honest News

Our First Amendment Rights are under assault like they have never been before. The left doesn't want us communicating to the world or with each other.  Parler, the conservative alternative to Twitter, has been shut down.  President Trump has been banned from Twitter.  The Good News -Twitter's shares fall, market cap plummets -- and Jack becomes a figure of fun

Banks are targeting conservatives around the nation.  Thanks to years of  GOP complicity with the Left, stuffing their bank accounts with special interest money, and inaction that culminated on the January 6th spectacular defeat, the Marxist mob will put in place strategies to silence dissent, and to further shred our Constitution. 

ATP is in the process of getting off Twitter and Facebook and using Firefox browser instead of Chrome.  Gmail is going too as well as Amazon.  We may have to change banks too.  We will not be cowed or silenced.  " ... dismantling and snuffing out the movement is the real goal and it won’t be easy: they know 74 million will not go gently into that good night but will rage against the dying light that is our freedom; that is our America. (American Thinker:  What is the GOP's Problem?)  The links below are by no means complete.  We hope you find them useful.  If you find other sites that respect free speech, please share them.


Browsers Other Than Chrome

Get Off Gmail.  Best Email Services that don't track your info.

Media Outlets. Unbiased for Conservative Voices

Social Media Sites Unfiltered

Alternative Media News Outlet to Fake News Exploding

What the Fox?  Fox - Gone To The Dark Side