Why Aren’t We Taking Care of Our Homeless, Vets, and Children First??

Why Aren’t We Taking Care of Our Homeless, Vets and Children First? by @holidayrevelle

Did you know that refugees receive Social Security, Medicaid, education, Social Services, housing, cash, and much more?  Why aren’t we taking care of our homeless veterans and children first? Why are we not helping refugees stay in their own countries?  Handling refugees in safe Middle Eastern zones costs only one twelfth what it cost in the U.S.!. On top of this, they pose a great risk.  The FBI does not have the data to properly vet them.  If you care about public safety and taking care of our own, contact your commissioners, city council, and school board, and your state and federal elected officials.  As elected officials, the have a legal obligation to promote the safety and well being of their citizens. Then have a conversation with your church and find out if they will enable this costly and risky program. (141 words)